'Uh, Guys': Ex-Pence press secretary scoffs at Gohmert lawsuit against her former boss


Alyssa Farah, a former press secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, said Republicans should shift their focus to winning the House in 2022 rather than contesting President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

Farah, who also served as White House director of strategic communications under President Trump, responded to a tweet about a long-shot federal lawsuit spearheaded by Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert that seeks to give Pence “exclusive authority” over which Electoral College votes are deemed certifiable.

“Uh, Guys.. why don’t we focus our efforts on winning back the House in ’22,” she said on Monday in response to a tweet from a reporter about the lawsuit, which was filed on Monday in the Eastern District of Texas.

Farah, 31, announced her resignation from the White House exactly one month after the presidential election. Trump refuses to concede to Biden, who won both the Electoral College and the popular vote. Gohmert’s litigation is the latest in a series of lawsuits filed by Trump and his allies seeking to overturn Biden’s victory. They have had little success.

In several battleground states won by Biden, there are Republicans who would have been electors if Trump won who held mock Electoral College voting ceremonies on the same day as the actual events. In his lawsuit, Gohmert’s attorneys argue that because there are “competing slates” of presidential electors, Pence should be granted “sole discretion” over which votes to count. The lawsuit notes that in the case of a contested election, the House delegations would decide.

“Vice-President Pence determines which slate of electors’ votes count, or neither, for that State,” the lawsuit reads, adding, “if no candidate has a majority of 270 elector votes, then the House of Representatives (and only the House of Representatives) shall choose the President.”

Pence is set to preside over a joint session of Congress on Jan. 6, when the Electoral College votes will be tallied. Biden’s share of the Electoral College is 306-232 for Trump. He also won the popular vote, taking in some 81.2 million ballots to Trump’s 74.2 million.

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