Trump blessing by Denise Goulet at Las Vegas International church service


LAS VEGAS — President Trump on Sunday attended a service as a charismatic Christian church, where a preacher prophesied he would win a second term and he made a big donation to the collection bucket.

Mr. Trump sat in the front row at the International Church of Las Vegas as church leader Denise Goulet told the congregation of her dream in which the president’s victory was foretold.

In the dream, the Lord told her that Mr. Trump “a second wind” for his run that would carry him through the campaign.

She said it had multiple meanings, including “that he will be the president again.”

“The Lord said, ‘He is ready for the next four years and he will have a second wind,’” she said. “The second wind — with a D — is the Holy Spirit.”

Later, when the collections buckets were passed around, Mr. Trump put a handful of $20 bills into the plastic bucket.

Paul Goulet, who leads the church with his wife Denise, said the offering support ministries for the poor and unemployed in Las Vegas, including a food bank run by the church.

The church describes itself as a multicultural, healing, prophetic church all about giving the grace of Jesus to Las Vegas. “Where sin abounds, let grace abound much more,” proclaims the church’s website.

Mr. Trump stayed for about an hour at the service, which included a full band on stage and several preachers who gave praise for the president’s leadership.

At one point, Mr. Goulet said the election of President Trump in 2016 had answered his prayers for America.

He listed about 10 reasons why Mr. Trump was a blessing to America, including giving a voice to the church and a voice to the unborn.

The reference to Mr. Trump’s anti-abortion stance sparked loud applause.

The preacher also said Mr. Trump was a blessing for moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, appointing judges with conservative and Judeo-Christian values, making America energy independent, promoting school choice and bringing jobs back.

He also led the congregation in blessing Mr. Trump. The people stretched out their arms palm down toward the president.

“We bless this man,” said Mr. Goulet, adding blessing for police officers, the Secret Service, Mr. Trump’s staff, the first lady and their son.

Several hundred people were in attendance but the cavernous church was not filled.

Mr. Goulet said the president was not a visitor to the church but “a member” since it was his third time attending the services.

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