Sen. Susan Collins: $15 minimum wage doesn't belong in COVID-19 package


Sen. Susan Collins said Tuesday the push for a $15 federal minimum wage “doesn’t belong” in a coronavirus relief package.

Ms. Collins said it is among the “extraneous provisions” tucked into President Biden’s $1.9 trillion rescue plan that “have nothing to do with COVID.”

“It is not relevant to treatment or the economic recovery or getting vaccines out,” the Maine Republican said.

The comments serve as another reality check on Mr. Biden’s hopes of winning GOP support for his top legislative priority.

Ms. Collins was among the ten Republican senators that participated in a two-hour meeting Monday at the White House to discuss the deep chasm between Mr. Biden’s vision and their $600 billion plan, which does not include a minimum wage hike.

“It doesn’t belong in the COVID [package],” Ms. Collins said, adding she supports increasing the minimum wage, but not to $15 per hour.

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