Joe Biden suggests he'll reveal court-packing position before election


Joseph R. Biden said Thursday that he might tip his hand before the election on whether he would support adding seats to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Voters “do have a right to know [where] I stand, and they’ll have a right to know where I stand before they vote,” he said at an ABC town hall in Philadelphia.

Moderator George Stephanopoulos then asked if he’ll come out with a clear position before Election Day.

“Yes — depending on how they handle this,” Mr. Biden said, referring to the GOP push to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the high court.

Mr. Biden has repeatedly refused to engage on the subject, though he allowed in a recent interview that he’s “not a fan” of court-packing.

He has also said in recent weeks that voters don’t deserve to know his position and that they would find out where he stands after Nov. 3.

Liberals are demanding that congressional Democrats push to add seats to the court if the GOP-led Senate confirms Judge Barrett before the election and if Democrats win control of the House, Senate and White House.

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