Joe Biden stumbles and falls climbing the stairs to Air Force One


President Biden stumbled twice and then fell while climbing the stairs to Air Force One on Friday for a trip to Georgia.

The president, with his right hand on the railing, was about one-third of the way up the red-carpeted staircase to the aircraft at Joint Base Andrews when he stumbled. He righted himself, took one more step, and stumbled again.

Still holding onto the railing, Mr. Biden regained his footing a second time and tried to take another step, but then collapsed fully on the stairs.

He momentarily disappeared from view of TV cameras, hidden by the sides of the staircase, before pulling himself up on the railing and trotting up the remaining stairs to the plane.

Air Force officials saluting on the tarmac at the bottom of the staircase made a move to help, but the president righted himself before they could mount the stairs.

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