Ice Cube says it's 'hard to say' if he'll vote for Trump if Republicans adopt 'Contract with Black America'


Rapper Ice Cube is communicating with President Trump’s and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign on his proposals for black people and is uncertain how he’ll vote in the upcoming election.

During an interview with Real 92.3’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, host Big Boy asked if Ice Cube would consider voting for Trump should he adopt more policies within the rapper’s “Contract with Black America” into his “Platinum Plan,” a set of initiatives Trump has proposed for black people, than Biden adopts.

“You know, that’s hard to say,” Ice Cube said in response. “You know, if they came, whatever sides come at me, I’m going to tell the people what it is, you know, way before the election. I’m going to tell the people exactly what it is because the people should make that decision for themselves. You shouldn’t listen to Ice Cube about it. I’m just trying to get the facts out. I’m just trying to get something for us — a demand for us.”

Ice Cube, who previously released a song critical of Trump called “Arrest the President,” asserted that “nobody knows” who is going to win the November election, but he defended his decision to speak with both the Trump and Biden campaigns about his policy proposals. The rapper has made it clear that his decision to advise the president’s campaign is not an endorsement.

“Yeah, we talking, we talking to both sides,” Ice Cube said, adding that he believes both campaigns are listening to his proposals. “It’s a situation that’s developing. We got to wait and really see what they say. We’re going to talk more with both sides, you know, within this next week or so and try to get to some kind of agreement on what they can do out of this contract because, like I said, us getting out of the situation that we in is really a bipartisan issue.”

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Ice Cube has repeatedly defended his decision to speak with both candidates on his initiatives.

“Black progress is a bipartisan issue. When we created the Contract With Black America we excepted to talk to both sides of the isle. Talking truth to power is part of the process,” the rapper tweeted on Thursday.

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