House Democrats quickly spurn Trump's request for budget 'recissions'


House Democrats are quickly rejecting President Trump’s request to cut spending in the coronavirus relief and government funding package that he signed into law on Sunday night.

House Appropriations Committee Chair Nita Lowey, New York Democrat, rebuffed the president’s call for “recissions” in the $2.3 trillion measure. She said Democrats want to keep the higher spending levels as President-elect Joseph R. Biden prepares to take office in three weeks.

“Our Democratic majority will reject any rescissions submitted by President Trump,” Ms. Lowey said in a statement. “By turning the page on this request, we will allow the Biden-Harris administration to begin to ‘Build Back Better.’”

After days of resisting, Mr. Trump signed the package that grants extended unemployment benefits, provides more money for small businesses and funds coronavirus vaccinations programs, among other items. But the president said he was “red-lining” wasteful spending in the bill and demanding cuts under the Impoundment Control Act of 1974.

But with the 116th Congress ending on Jan. 3 and Mr. Trump leaving office on Jan. 20, the president has virtually no leverage to force lawmakers to make any cuts. Ms. Lowey noted that the Appropriations Committee has “jurisdiction” over those spending decisions.

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