Citizen-only voting ballot initiative approved in Florida


Voters in Florida enthusiastically backed a ballot initiative Tuesday to write into the state Constitution a requirement that all voters be citizens.

With about three-fourths of precincts reporting, the measure had nearly 80% support.

The initiative would change the state’s rules to say that “only U.S. citizens” can vote in Florida elections. Currently the rules say that “every citizen” can vote.

Some analysts said the change won’t make any difference, though John Loudon, who led the effort, said they wanted to head off any future efforts to expand voting to noncitizens.

No state allows noncitizen voting on a statewide basis, but some localities, such as San Francisco in California and Takoma Park in Maryland do allow noncitizens to vote in some local elections.

Colorado and Alabama also had citizen voter amendments on their ballots.

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