Amy Coney Barrett is 'well qualified,' American Bar Association tells senators


Randall Noel, chair of the American Bar Association’s standing committee, said Thursday the legal group gave Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett a “well qualified” rating ahead of her confirmation to the high court.

Mr. Noel, a civil trial attorney and senior partner at his firm, said he would not have a problem appearing before Judge Barrett and believes he would get a fair shake.

Members of the ABA’s standing committee interviewed Judge Barrett, who currently sits on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, for more than three hours.

They also spent thousands of hours poring through her work and talking to colleagues about the nominee, finding that her integrity and judicial temperament met their standards.

“Our rating of ‘well qualified’ reflects the consensus of her peers who know her best,” Mr. Noel told the Senate Judiciary Committee on its fourth day of confirmation hearings for the president’s high court pick.

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