Researchers Warn That COVID-19 Lockdowns May Worsen Obesity Epidemic

By Flavia K. Tucker, Right Wing Daily Brief


The University of Copenhagen has found that Coronavirus quarantines may result in an escalation of the obesity epidemic. Metabolic health experts point to concerns regarding the conditions of quarantine and suggest that they may cause a rise in the obesity rate.


Associate Professor Christoffer Clemmensen of the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research addressed this issue. “We are concerned that policy makers do not fully understand how strategies such as lockdowns and business closures could fuel the rise of obesity – a chronic disease with severe health implications, but with few reliable treatment options.”


Experts suggest that when a lack of economic resources is coupled with the stress caused by social isolation and the boredom of sitting alone at home every day, overeating is likely to be the result. Researchers are encouraging both governments and health organizations to take metabolic health into consideration when developing further COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.


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