Where to Watch ‘Voyagers’: Lily-Rose Depp’s Sci-Fi Thriller Opens in Theaters Today


Voyagers, a new science fiction movie starring Tye Sheridan and Lily-Rose Depp, opened in theaters today.

The film is written and directed by Neil Burger (known for The Illusionist, Limitless, and the sci-fi action film Divergent), and follows the journey of 30 young adults who are sent deep into outer space sometime in the distant future. Their mission is a classic standby of the sci-fi/space genre: Find a new home for humans to inhabit, because Earth is no longer suitable. Unfortunately, things go sour quickly for this crew—madness descends, and everyone reduces to their most primitive state.

Bad news for those who are interested in seeing the film but are continuing to use caution regarding the COVID-19 pandemic: Voyagers is not available on streaming at this time. Here’s what we know about the Voyagers streaming release.


Right now, the only way to watch Voyagers is in a movie theater. If you feel comfortable going to a movie theater right now, make sure you wear a mask—this COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet. Check your local listings to see if Voyagers is playing in a movie theater near you.


Nope. Sorry. The Voyagers movie has not yet been released on demand, nor is it available on any streaming service at this time.


Voyagers does not yet have an on-demand release date, and it’s hard to guess when Voyagers will be on streaming. Voyagers is a Lionsgate film, and Lionsgate does not have a consistent template for releasing movies during the pandemic. (Unlike Universal, which has been sending its theatrical releases to PVOD after a 17-day run in theaters.)

Lionsgate films like Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar and the upcoming The Courier were released straight to PVOD, while films like Fear of Rain and Silk Road were released both in theaters and on-demand. However, when asked if there was a premium on-demand release planned for Voyagers, a Lionsgate representative told Decider there was “nothing to report at the moment.”

For now, we will just have to be patient.

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