Urban daredevil scales NY Times building


An urban climber scaled six floors of the New York Times skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan Thursday afternoon before being arrested by the NYPD, authorities said.

The unidentified daredevil started his ascent soon after 5 p.m. and made it up to the sixth floor of the building on 41st Street near Ninth Avenue before getting tired, police said.

Video shows the man shimmying up and down metal poles as a crowd gathers below to watch,

Officers from the NYPD’s emergency services unit broke through a window of the newspaper’s building and pulled the man to safety, cops said.

Police believe the man may have emotional issues, a law enforcement source said.

He was taken to the Midtown South precinct with charges pending.

“We thank the New York Police Department for quickly resolving the issue,” a spokesperson for the Times said.

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