UK mom’s jokey ‘I Quit’ resignation to boss backfires


A UK woman almost told her boss what he could do with her job — but the plan backfired.

Tasha King, 32, of Yorkshire, lived every lowly employee’s fantasy when she decided to quit her retail job to go out on her own as a full-time baker.

King cooked up a clever way to tell her boss she was history by baking a large chocolate chip cookie for him with the words “Sorry for your loss. It’s me. I quit.” in icing on the top, the Mirror reported Saturday.

But she ate her words, literally, when she ended up getting paid later than expected.

Because she wasn’t paid on time, she ended up chowing down on the cookie herself with her children.

The mother of two shared her creation on social media where it got thousands of likes and comments

One user suggested Tasha should have sent her former employer a photo of the cookie but eaten it herself. That led her to admit, ‘that’s what I did’, before telling people ‘he paid me late, so me and my kids ate it instead’.

“He never actually got it,” she said. “It was always intended to be for a bit of a laugh — life’s too short to be serious. A cookie of resignation is much better than a letter, surely?”

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