Tucker Carlson Smacks His Own Network In Epic Monologue


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Charlotte, NC — It has been a tumultuous week so let’s start with some good news! There are over 70 million ticked off Republicans (sit down, Mitt Romney), and not one city has been burned to the ground.  The bad news?  We’re being treated like children from right-leaning news networks we have trusted for years that have left us even more upset!

Fox News seems intent on driving it’s current audience away.  They are now getting into the practice of allegedly “protecting” viewers from the information they don’t like.  I’m specifically referring to the press conference held by Kayleigh McEnany in which evidenced claims of voter fraud were made, including citing the court cases being filed.

Neil Cavuto stupidly and arrogantly announced that they could not show the presser “in good conscience” because they couldn’t “verify” some of the claims.  This is a disgusting mimicking of a practice popularized by CNN (which, of course, they never apply to liberal politicians).

But one of the lone and consistent voices on Fox News has been coming from their 8:00 p.m. slot:  Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Tucker has seen enough, and he said as much last night.  Fox News and Democrats have one thing in common, and that’s their message discipline.  Fox News personalities don’t offend or rock the boat.  They largely stood behind Christ Wallace’s horrendous first presidential debate moderation performance.

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But Tucker is different in that regard.  He took a largely unprecedented swipe at his own network for their behavior in what was a far-reaching, epic post-election monologue.

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TUCKER: “You can’t just cut away from coverage you don’t like” pic.twitter.com/7wsDLc0evK

I’ve included the entire monologue at the bottom as it covers a lot of ground.  However, the snip it above shows Tucker clearly throwing shade at Fox News for cutting away from Trump’s press conference earlier in the day.

Tucker goes on to explain, “you can’t just demand people ‘accept’ what you want them to accept as a news organization.  People can not be forced to acquiesce to what are ultimately issues of opinion, i.e., whether the election is ‘over’ or not despite vote counting and challenges still being ongoing.”

If you recall, Chris Wallace actually went off on Ted Cruz recently when the Texas senator wouldn’t call Joe Biden “president-elect,” a made-up office that doesn’t even exist, much less is it a viable term before the electors cast their votes.  Wallace compared Cruz to a Japanese soldier who continued fighting World War II after it ended because the Texas Republican is questioning the votes from last Tuesday’s election.

But Tucker isn’t Chris Wallace.  Tucker understands what the American people are saying.  His monologue nails that attitude to the wall, noting that, “It is not his network’s job, nor the job of any news outlet, to ignore legitimate questions from citizens or to declare them improper and unclean. That is dictatorial, illiberalism, not something that promotes an environment of free discussion.”

Tucker is spot on.  This is an asinine infantilization of the citizenry.  We are capable of hearing the claims made by McEnany or anyone in the Trump administration or any presidential administration moving forward.  We are capable of judging them via whatever merits we chose to apply.  What we don’t need is a self-righteous “news” network censoring pressers from elected officials because that news network doesn’t like the opinions being expressed.  And in the end, charging that the Biden campaign doesn’t care about fraud is simply an opinion (though one that is backed by plenty of evidence).

It’s as if they were playing a role for the past four years.

Tucker goes into detail about the voter fraud that we know happened, what’s been admitted, and why it’s perfectly acceptable to expose audiences to that information. He also touches on why so many Americans feel angst about how the process is playing out.

What is unique about this clip is Tucker’s approach.  He does something that far too many people on both ends of the political spectrum won’t do, and that’s being brutally honest.

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Tucker admits that we simply don’t know yet how deep the fraud goes.  That is a legitimate and obvious statement.  It isn’t one that should generate a ton of debate.  But we live in America in 2020, so of course, it does!

Tucker posits some insightful question:  Was it actually enough to flip all these states in question?

“I may feel like that’s the case, and no doubt things are sketchy, but anyone claiming a definitive answer on that is telling you what you want to hear, not what’s been fully evidenced and litigated. Yet, that’s exactly why asking questions and allowing the legal process to play out is so proper. Fox News’ hard news division attempting to suppress charges of fraud is not only unconscionable from the standpoint of spitting in its supporters’ faces, it’s completely improper given the facts on the ground. Let the process play out.”

No one is asking for Fox News to actively be biased on the hard news side or lie to their viewers. What is being asked is that they not censor material in a misguided attempt to “protect” people from “misinformation.”

For four years, Fox News has bested CNN and MSNBC because they showed us coverage that was real and raw.  They’ve taken a divergent path now, and this news organization that was head and shoulders above the other networks have now fallen off the wagon, are looking up at them on the ratings chart, all because they looked down at their audience and child-splained to us.

You don’t get the luxury of thinking for me!  If I wanted that, I’d flip the channel and watch Jake Tapper and Rachel Maddow’s weak attempt at  ‘journalisming.’

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The civil war is clearly on at Fox News.  Who will win?  A bunch of newly low-rated “hard news” shows pretending to be CNN, or are honest brokers like Tucker who also happen to make all the money?

The answer to these questions isn’t hard.  Follow the lead of your audience.  Follow what they’re watching, who they’re watching, and what they’re saying.  Let us be the ones to decide.

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