This Mookie Betts sign almost makes you feel bad for the Red Sox


Salt, meet wound.

A big Dodgers fan is rubbing in the one-sided Mookie Betts trade.

The CEO of a Dodgers superfan group, Pantone294, purchased a billboard across the street from Fenway Park. It read: “Dear Boston, THANK YOU FOR MOOKIE BETTES. Sincerely, Dodger fans and @pantone294.”

The person took a photo of himself in front of the trolling billboard along with a drone video of how close it is to the Red Sox home ballpark.

Betts, of course, was traded by the Red Sox to the Dodgers for a meager return in February of 2020 and helped Los Angeles win the World Series last year. The move angered Red Sox fans because it was done to stay under the luxury tax. 

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