This inverted lighter is great for candles and can prevent burns


Where would our civilization be without the gift of fire? It certainly wouldn’t be planting radishes in space, let alone ogling over designer fireplaces. Who knew this discovery would lead to a pocketable gadget that can start a full-fledged fire? That’s right. Today, we’re honoring the venerable lighter.

Lighters are a versatile and reliable addition to any everyday carry collection, but they can’t overcome physics. Hot air moves up; if you’ve ever tried facing a lighter downward at a candle or a pipe, your fingers are almost certainly acquainted with this phenomenon. But why try to fight physics when you can use it in your favor like with this $31.99 inverted lighter?

True to its name, the Dissim Inverted Lighter allows you to light anything that needs to be lit while pointing downward. The patent-pending design features a circle grip that allows you to hold the lighter ergonomically while it’s inverted. Just slip a finger in, aim the flame port at whatever you need to light, and click on the ignition. You can hold the Dissim upright for normal lighting as well.

The Dissim can be refilled with 0.07 ounces of butane fluid, so you don’t have to toss any more lighters in a landfill. It also features a flame adjustment wheel that lets you change the flame height. With over $330 thousand raised on Kickstarter, it’s easy to see why the Dissim inverted lighter is a worthwhile investment for anyone who lights up often.

The Dissim Inverted Lighter is a safe, ergonomic way to light up the New Year. It’s currently on sale for $39.99, but you can get an additional 20% off the sale price when you use coupon code HOLIDAY20 at checkout. That brings the final cost down to just $31.99.

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