Roof of Binghamton athletic dome collapses from heavy snowfall


The roof of an athletic dome in Binghamton — one of the largest in the state — collapsed Wednesday night as the area was pummeled with over three feet of snow.

Bahij Kashou, the owner of The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex, told WICZ the roof couldn’t handle the reported 40 inches of snow that fell in the area.

“Usually, you know depending on how the snow comes, if it comes around two or three days it’s different,” Kashou said.

“But all at once made it difficult and caused it to collapse.”

It’s unclear when the structure will be repaired.

The Southern Tier was walloped by Winter Storm Gail, with snowfall rates of 4 to 5 inches per hour from an intense snow band that set up over the area, according to the National Weather Service.

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