Regé-Jean Page in photos: Meet the Duke – and babe – of ‘Bridgerton’


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Actor Regé-Jean Page has been the talk of the town since Netflix released its regency era romance series “Bridgerton” on Christmas. Much like Lady Whistledown, we are serving up all the tea you need to know about this leading man.


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"Roots" Night One Screening

One of the 30-year-old actor’s major breaks was in the hit 2016 miniseries “Roots.”

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Page was born in Britain and split his time between the U.K. and Zimbabwe, according to InStyle. These days, he is back and forth between London and Los Angeles.


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It’s not Page’s first time in Shondaland. He previously starred on Rhimes’ short-lived ABC series “For The People.”


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The “Mortal Engines” star says his passion for acting came from “not being very good at anything else at all,” he admitted during Netflix’s “Queue and A.”


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He had no idea “Bridgerton” was a book series before landing the role of Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. “This is one of the highest-selling genres in the world. I’m looking forward to exploring that world a bit more,” He told Netflix.


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He’s a music buff. When it comes what he listens to on set, he said, “It’ll be Deftones at one point, it’ll be Vivaldi the next, it’ll be Nina Simone the moment after that. It really depends what tempo and rhythm the moment needs versus where I’m at, and how to do a little bit of alchemy with it.”

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He gets real about the challenges of acting. In his Queue and A interview he says, “The hardest moments are the very, very subtle barbs and hurts over the dinner table. When someone says something that you don’t get to blow up about, that you don’t get to cry about, you just have to take that sting right in the ribcage and express that through a flick of an eyebrow or through the way that you cut your peas.”


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He’s a coffee addict. “I’m a being of caffeine when I work. It is a vice, but as far as vices go, I’ll take it,” he said.


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Once he moves on from “Bridgerton,” the actor is open to possibilities for parts. “Something I couldn’t even imagine yet because it’s so far out of my experience that I could only possibly discover it through surprise.” He added of his current role, “I didn’t even know this was a thing. I had no idea that this character could exist. That’s my dream part.”


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And while it’s unknown if Page is single or taken in real life, he told Entertainment Weekly, “I’m a huge fan of romance as a concept. Romance is a wonderful thing and we need more of it in the world.”


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