Portland pet group offers cooling vests to dogs during historic heat wave


A nonprofit dedicated to helping pets has pledged to donate cooling vests to dogs suffering in the Portland heat wave. 

The Pacific Northwest has seen its hottest days on record, with Monday shattering previous heat records in Seattle and Portland: The region is set to hit highs of 115 degrees, creating dangerous conditions for any living thing, but especially the friends of a four-legged variety. 

The Portland Pet Block is assisting the city-wide effort to help pets during the heatwave, offering cooling vests for any dogs that need relief. 

“We’re prioritizing houseless pets as resources are limited and they don’t have the option to stay indoors,” Portland Pet Block tweeted. “Please keep an eye out for any animals that could use support and let us know.”

The group also responded to a question about unusual behavior some pet owners observed, confirming that the heat is definitely impacting dogs. 

“Try and get them to drink water at least – some things to try if they aren’t eating or drinking would be canned wet food – you can even freeze it for a cool popsicle treat!” the group said. “Same goes for bone broth or similar.”

Portland Pet Block also ordered air-filter dog masks ahead of the heat wave. 

The group’s effort is just one of many to help pets as the heat continues to crank up, with some locations offering “cooling shelters” that pet owners can duck into if they must go outside at all. 

Multnomah County posted signs of heatstroke in dogs to pay attention to, which include rapid panting, weakness, bright red tongues, diarrhea, vomiting and thick saliva. 

A list of pet-friendly cooling centers in Portland can be found here

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