People who’ve had COVID-19 may only need one dose of vaccine: study


People who’ve previously been infected with COVID-19 may only need one dose of the vaccine, a new study suggests. 

The study, published Monday in the preprint server MedRxiv, examined the antibody levels of 109 people who received the inoculation in late 2020. 

Researchers found that the majority of those who had never contracted COVID-19 showed low immune responses within 9-12 days of the jab, while those who’d recovered from the virus showed a rapid immune response.

In fact, those who had previously been infected had antibody levels 10-20 times higher than those who had never been infected after receiving the vaccine, according to the study from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Recovered patients who received one dose also exceeded the median antibody levels measured in people who’d received both shots and didn’t have the virus. 

“These findings suggest that a single dose of mRNA vaccine elicits very rapid immune responses in 75 seropositive individuals with post-vaccine antibody titers that are comparable to or exceed titers found in 76 naïve individuals who received two vaccinations,” the researchers wrote in the report. 

“Ongoing follow-up studies will show whether these early differences in immune responses are maintained over time.” 

The study is yet to be peer reviewed. 

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