Officials say election claims are emotional abuse as more votes are found


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Atlanta, GA — On Tuesday, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that Republicans were spreading baseless claims about voter fraud and the accusations that the election was being stolen from President Trump. He said that such claims were creating a dangerous environment and that Republicans were at fault.

In his interview with The Hill, he went even further and said that it was emotional abuse. He said that people were getting angry and worked up about what was taking place.

Trump has been critical of Raffensperger, but Raffensperger did not want to blame President Trump for what was taking place. Instead, he chose to blame other Republicans, such as Rep. Doug Collins (R) for it.

While Raffensperger would like to have the election over, trying to claim abuse, it’s difficult for him to make an argument that there is no evidence of issues in his state.

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Also on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that a second Georgia county found votes that were previously uncounted. These votes were found in Fayette County. On Monday, votes were found in Floyd county as well.

Then on Wednesday, more votes were found in Walton County, as the audit of the election continues. While the votes found are not enough to overcome the current vote deficit in the state, it raises significant concerns about what might be found throughout the rest of the state.

But remember, Raffensperger says that the claims by Trump and Republicans are simply playing with emotions. They are simply causing anger and are not acknowledging the truth.

The truth is that thousands of votes were not counted properly in the state. That happened under Raffensperger’s watch. He is the one that is responsible for what is taking place right now, not Republicans and President Trump.

In fact, had Trump and Republicans not pressured his office into auditing the results, these voes may have not been found. Thousands of residents in Georgia cast ballots and Raffensperger does not believe those votes matter.

I have always shared that I do not always agree 100% with how President Trump does things, but he was right about the election. He told Americans that there were issues in the voting system across the country. He told us that there were issues with the way votes were counted and he was right.

Now, leaders are scrambling to find a way to pass the blame elsewhere. Democrats continue to pressure Trump to concede, but until we can be sure the election was completed legally, counting every vote, he should not do it.

Biden and his team claim that thousands will die if Trump does not start working with them. That’s simply a lie from the left. What will happen, if Trump gives in, is that thousands of American votes may not be counted and potential election fraud and corruption may continue.

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