No Other Politician Can Win Despite These Odds!


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Charlotte, NC — Welcome to day 10 of the post-Presidential election here in the United States. We’ve all had time to absorb what is happening and I have some thoughts.

Most people that love politics and have followed it for quite some time have never seen anything quite like this.

We know the stakes. We also have an idea of the odds. Democrats in counties with large cities always seem to find ballots left in rooms rarely darkened when someone starts cleaning the mess that has gathered when, low and behold, find ballots that are always found just in the nick of time to pull out the victory for someone who was in a tight race with a Republican candidate.

It’s as if Christmas came early and everyone gets presents … but only if you’re a Democrat! That’s right, Republicans. That’s a lump of coal in your stocking.

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I was feeling quite confident where Trump stood as The Liberty Loft writers concluded our Live election night coverage just to wake up Wednesday, November 4 to see things almost completely fall apart as more results “came in” from Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin. And as the week progressed, so did my depression. I’m serious! I was truly bummed constantly repeating to all of those who were reaching out to me asking questions: “THIS DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE!!!???”

Reluctantly, I began to accept the fact that Joe Biden would be tripping into the White House on January 20 next year and promptly forget why he was there. After all, if these results stand I hope Biden is successful. Why? Because his success is our success!

What truly terrifies me is knowing Kamala Harris will be running the country from her office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building across the street. You’ll agree this is not a pleasant thought!

I’ve started to find comfort as I continue seeing the massive amounts of election fraud in plain sight. Will it be enough to overturn what the media is saying is occurring? I’m not certain. But, based on how the Democrats fundamentally changed this one election for this sole purpose, they’re going to have to prove to me that Biden is the guy!

Additionally, I have come to this incontrovertible fact: President Donald Trump, the Real Estate Mogul/Reality TV Show Star, billionaire playboy from New York City has beaten every one of the odds and challenges he has faced.

When Trump came down the escalator at Trump Tower on June 16, 2015, with Neil Young blaring, very few people in the political realm gave him a snowball’s chance in hell. I was one of those people. I admit that I felt very confident in my smugness.

17 candidates decided to vie for the GOP nomination and Trump was the only person who had almost ZERO political experience. Sure he had donated money to Democrats and Republicans. Sure he has worked with politicians at the local, state, and federal levels as CEO and Chairman of Trump International; however, he should have been easily beaten. He was a rookie pitcher with his first appearance on a major league mound throwing to youthful Hank Aaron for heaven’s sake!

He was running against experienced political dynasties and individuals who have severed in the House of Representatives, US Senate, and as governors!

There was yet another Bush on the stage, there was former nine-time Congressman and Ohio governor John Kasich, too. Other notables included Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a longtime senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. Trump should have been easy pickings for these seasoned politicians. Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson, and Chris Christie, former CEO Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, and Sen. Ted Cruz!

Yet he rolled right over the other 16 like he had been doing this for years with the style that we all know so well today. Trump’s style of course is “Take no Prisoners” and it is what his biggest supporters love about him and his detractors cannot stand.

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At the conclusion of the 2016 RNC in Cleveland, John Kasich was throwing a temper tantrum by not going to his own political party’s convention. Sen. Ted Cruz did everything but mention Trump’s name in his RNC speech and wouldn’t endorse him unless he provided a list of federal judges that he would have to pick from a list that must include Utah Sen. Mike Lee. This country could not stomach another Obama in the Oval Office. That is where I saw this heading.

Hillary Clinton was not the best nor the brightest candidate the Democrats could offer and as we now know from Donna Brazille. She had to cheat to win her party’s nomination. But everyone was ‘With Her!

She lacked charisma, which I really mean to say she has none but she does apparently carry hot sauce in her purse. Even with those handicaps and indigestion against her, she was married to one of the more ‘experienced’ politicians in the last century and she should have coasted to victory even without visiting Wisconsin.

Once again, Trump should have been eviscerated by the know-how and know-everyone Dems.

But the constant refrain repeated. Trump defeated the odds and won the presidency on his first attempt at running for any political office ever! I would imagine you have better odds winning the lottery after finding a $5 dollar bill on the ground and doing an easy pick number just before the numbers are selected than winning your first campaign for anything, let alone for President of the United States.

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That Trump’s administration was hampered by the bogus Russia investigation for almost his whole first term it is amazing that he was able to get anything done.

But, here we are. 10 days out and Joe Biden is in the mythical office of President-Elect and Supreme Dictator while President Donald Trump and his legal team are challenging results in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona.

Ultimately, the question we face is not if there is election fraud (we know there is) but if enough of it can be found before certain deadlines in December and January.

This is the biggest test that Donald Trump or any candidate for President will have ever face and it is one that looks somewhat insurmountable. Imagine if this were Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush. Any other GOP candidate for POTUS would have already thrown in the towel to receive the accolades from the Left on what a good boy they were! In fact, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have called Joe Biden to offer their congratulations! Weak.

Donald Trump is not that type of person. I also know that if anyone in the political world can do this it is the 45th President of the United States. I learned my lesson four years ago.

But who are we kidding? If anyone can do this, Trump can! The outlook might not look promising but I’d rather have Trump mounting this challenge than any other Republican politician on the planet! The only other person I would recommend is dead. President Ronald Reagan and President Donald Trump have so much in common. That’s why they’re great!

Only Trump! Trump is the guy. If there are odds to beat then Trump is the one I want up at the plate. None of us should ever bet against him. The Democrats took him seriously while pretending not to. They know what he can do! Why else would they throw everything and the kitchen sink at him?

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