New Movies on Demand: ‘All My Life,’ ‘Monster Hunter,’ ‘War With Grandpa’ + More


Merry Christmas, everyone! It looks like Santa Claus has left things other than weighted blankets and Nintendo Switches under the tree this year. Whether you use Amazon Video, iTunes, Vudu or your cable’s service, our favorite on demand services have gifted us with some great new movies that you can stream as you unwrap your presents. But where should you start? Worry not, we here at Decider are here to help yo figure out what to watch.

This weekend’s movie roundup may not be quantitative, but it makes up for it in quality. Looking for a tear-jerking romantic drama? All My Life is perfect for you. In the mood to kick butt in another universe? Monster Hunter is ready to join in on the fight. And if you just want to laugh this weekend, comedies like The War With Grandpa and Half Brothers are the perfect source of entertainment.

What are the best movies to watch right now? Check out the great thrillers, dramas and action films you can buy or rent this weekend.

All My Life

Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter (played by Harry Shum Jr. and Jessica Rothe, respectively) feel like they are on top of the world when they get engaged and start to plan their life together. But when Solomon is diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, making their plans for a summer wedding — or any future together, for that matter — to a screeching halt. With time running out, the couple’s friends and family come together to plan a wedding for the young lovers, who desire to be together no matter the end result. Based on a true story, All My Life is an emotional, inspiring and heartbreaking romantic drama about the power of love and the sacrifices we make to be together, for however long we have left.

Where to stream All My Life

Monster Hunter

Milla Jovovich kicks butt in the new supernatural action film, Monster Hunter. The film centers on Captain Artemis and her unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, and Diego Boneta) who are transported from our world to a mysterious new world filled with dangerous and powerful monsters. The once-unflappable team, shocked and now desperate to survive, team up with a mysterious hunter who has found a way to fight back against the beings hell-bent on total destruction.

Where to stream Monster Hunter

To Buy:

Monster Hunter
Behind the Try: A Try Guys Documentary

To Rent:

All My Life
The Emoji Story
Yellow Rose
The War With Grandpa
Half Brothers

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Who doesn’t love a little holiday horror story? In Better Watch Out, Ashley (played by Olivia DeJonge) is hired to babysit 12-year-old Luke Lerner at his suburban home one night while his parents head out to celebrate the holidays. What seems like a simple gig soon turns into something far more sinister when intruders arrive at the house— and we are not talking about a jolly Santa Claus and some flying reindeer. Now the young woman must protect herself and the kid and survive until the parents get home. Talk about a (jingle bell) shaking tale!

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