Megyn Kelly turns 50: Where she’s been, and what she’s doing now


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Megyn Kelly, the outspoken broadcast journalist and podcast host, is turning 50. See photos of her rise from local to national news, and what Kelly is doing now.

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Kelly graduated from Bethlehem Central High School in the suburbs of Albany, N.Y. Her yearbook quote was, “Dreams to be followed, Hope all the while, Live your life now with love and a smile.”

Bethlehem Central High School

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After getting her law degree and working as a lawyer throughout the ’90s, a young Megyn Kelly got a job in Washington D.C. as a reporter in 2003. She went by Megyn Kendall after marrying her first husband, Daniel Kendall, in 2001.


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In 2006, after her divorce from Kendall, Kelly met her soon-to-be second husband, Douglas Brunt. In this throwback photo, Kelly laughs with Brunt one month after they first met.


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Capitol File Magazine and Fox Celebrate the Launch of MyTv

In 2004, Kelly joined Fox News. After reporting on legal stories, she received her own segment called “Kelly’s Court.” She’s pictured here with friends Laurie Duhe, Bret Baier and Amy Baier in 2006.

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2008 Republican National Convention: Day 2

Kelly at the Republican National Convention in 2008, where Senator John McCain was nominated.

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5th Annual BGC Charity Day

In 2009, Kelly was expecting her daughter Yardley, the first of three children, with Brunt.

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Behind the Scenes at the Fox News Google GOP Debate

Continuing her coverage of presidential debates, Kelly took to the stage for the GOP primary debate in September 2011.

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Top-Polling GOP Candidates Participate In First Republican Presidential Debate

Along with her Fox News colleagues Chris Wallace and Bret Baier, Kelly moderated a 2015 GOP primary debate which featured a now infamous spar with Donald Trump over his rhetoric regarding women.

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2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

Growing in the spotlight, Kelly attended the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

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The Hollywood Reporter 35 Most Powerful People In Media 2017

In 2017, Kelly dropped a “bombshell,” when she announced she was leaving Fox News to join NBC’s “Today” show. Here she is attending Hollywood Reporter’s 35 Most Powerful People in Media event.

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2018 NBCUniversal Upfront Presentation

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"Pip's Island" Opening Celebration

After a whirlwind media response, Kelly emerged with her husband at a benefit in May 2019.

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As she heads into her fifties, Kelly continues her conversation with her own podcast, “The Megyn Kelly Show.” She also makes appearances on various news networks. She is pictured here chatting with the Daily Caller in 2020.


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