‘Loki’ Easter Eggs: 5 Things You May Have Missed in Episode 4


In the end credits sequence, we find out pruning isn’t a one-way ticket to complete oblivion. In fact, it’s a one-way ticket to… wherever the hel Loki wakes up. But he’s very much alive, and he’s very much not alone. Standing before him are four more Loki variants—two of which are big, big deals. From left to right, they are credited as Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei); Kid Loki (Jake Veal); and Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant). And we can’t forget the gator Loki in Kid Loki’s arms.

Of these four, two appear to be totally new: the alligator and Boastful Loki. It’s possible that Boastful Loki may be some sort of amalgam between Thor and Loki considering that he’s carrying a hammer. We’re fairly certain he’s an original character. Why? Because the credits of every Loki episode contain a list of comic creators under “special thanks,” and these credits change episode to episode depending on which characters appear. Episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” adds two names to this section: Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry. Those two did not create a “Boastful Loki” character. They created Kid Loki.

Kid Loki became a major player in the Marvel Universe for a number of years, giving the character the chance to become a better version of himself. This Loki was the lead of his own comic book series, a relaunched Journey Into Mystery, and he later joined the Young Avengers.

And then there’s Loki’s classic comic book look. There he is, complete with a spandex costume, yellow trunks, an impractical cape, and big ol’ horns. What does this mean for our Loki moving forward? Well, it means he can hold a speed dating event for himself. But will he find the time to do that?

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