Late Show hosts blast Trump voters after election


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New York, NY — After Tuesday’s election, hosts of late-night TV shows decided to take part in bashing Trump supporters. Yes, they chose to go directly on the attack against nearly 69 million Americans who made the decision to cast a vote for President Trump.

Jimmy Kimmel started off by calling President Trump names. He suggested that there was not much more that President Trump could do to prove that he was insane. He said that it was nice to be sending the monster back to Mar-A-Lago and that he was in disbelief that the election was so close.

Kimmel continued sharing many of the same lies of the Democrats, blaming Trump for their party’s actions. He suggested that he overestimated Americans. He was obviously disappointed in those 69 million Americans that voted for Trump.

He was not the only one upset with Trump supporters, however. Stephen Colbert also felt the need to get in on the action as well.

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Colbert started off his comments talking about states that “flipped” in their vote, specifically Michigan and Wisconsin. He led with hand gestures to deliver a message to President Trump, which was nothing more than childish. After this was when his comments became interesting.

Colbert decided to go on the attack and insult every Trump voter in Texas and Flordia. He attacked Texas voters, saying that apparently they remember the Alamo but have forgotten the 230,000 in reference to coronavirus deaths. He also called Florida, “America’s cheating boyfriend.”

These Late Show hosts continue to show that the left believes Trump voters are stupid. The Democrats believe that Trump voters deserve to be eliminated from society. Remember, another one of their media colleagues, Keith Olbermann, called Trump supporters “maggots” and called for their elimination.

These media personalities can say what they want. Trump supporters are not going away and will not back down from their love for the President. The one thing they will do, however, is to stop supporting divisive, ignorant, and biased TV show hosts.

Even after the election, there is hope for the future

Election night in the United States was an interesting event. Late in the evening, it was clear that there would not be a clear winner in the 2020 election until quite some time after the election. Both sides claim that they feel confident in their chances.  There are clear paths to victory for both candidates.

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