Journalist Matt Taibbi Scorches ‘Anti-Racism’ Author Robin DiAngelo’s New Book: ‘Unreadable And Morally Disgusting’


“White Fragility” author Robin DiAngelo – a white woman hocking anti-racism teachings to wealthy white liberals – has a new book out called “Nice Racism,” which capitalizes on the money she’s made from her previous book to essentially say the same thing.

Journalist Matt Taibbi thankfully read the book so the rest of us don’t have to, and absolutely slammed it in an article on his Substack, opening the column with a quote from DiAngelo about the dangers of individualism alongside a quote from known white supremacist Richard Spencer, who also hates individualism.

“The ideology of individualism is dependent on a denial of the past as relevant to the present… Individualism denies the significance of race,” says the quote from DiAngelo.

“Individualism is for f—s,” says the quote from Spencer.

The rest of the column is no kinder.

Taibbi described DiAngelo’s new work as “a booklike product,” written by an author who was described by Steve QJ on Medium as the “Vanilla Ice” of anti-racism.

“Robin DiAngelo, begins with an anecdote from the author’s past. She’s in college, gone out to a dinner party with her partner, where she discovers the other couple is, gasp, black,” Taibbi wrote. “‘I was excited and felt an immediate need to let them know I was not racist,’ she explains, adding: ‘I proceeded to spend the evening telling them how racist my family was. I shared every racist joke, story, and comment I could remember my family ever making…’”

Even though her comments made the black couple uncomfortable, DiAngelo said she continued, “ignoring their signals.”

“I was having a great time regaling them with these anecdotes—the proverbial life of the party!” she wrote in the book. “My progressive credentials were impeccable: I was a minority myself—a woman in a committed relationship with another woman…I knew how to talk about patriarchy and heterosexism. I was a cool white progressive, not an ignorant racist. Of course, what I was actually demonstrating was how completely oblivious I was.”

As Taibbi makes clear, anyone with half a brain would know what DiAngelo did was deplorable, yet she seems to think most Americans do this. From Taibbi:

Instead of trying to amp down her racial anxiety out of basic decency, this author fed hers steroids and protein shakes, growing it to brontosaurus size before dressing it in neon diapers and parading it across America for years in a juggernaut of cringe that’s already secured a place as one of the great carnival grifts of all time. Nice Racism, the rare book that’s unreadable and morally disgusting but somehow also important, is the latest stop on the tour.

He goes on to list other passages from the book that seem to indicate DiAngelo has no idea that she is complaining about herself. She mentionst hat “82percent of the activists of color they interviewed identified white racial justice activists as a major source of their burnout,” while later quoting writer Anika Nailah, who said, “Being with white progressives is like being a driving instructor and having someone who does not know how to drive but thinks that they do get in the car with you.”

As Taibbi noted, it doesn’t seem like DiAngelo gets that these statements are directed at people like her.

This is the same Robin DiAngelo who was paid more than a black woman to speak at the same diversity forum.

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