Joe Biden’s latest foreign-policy joke


Barely a month into his presidency and Joe Biden’s foreign policy already looks like a joke.

On Sunday, 48 hours after removing Yemen’s Houthi rebels from a State Department terrorist blacklist and ordering an end to US support for the Saudi-led military effort against the Houthis, the Biden administration turned around and asked the Iran-backed group to stop committing acts of terrorism on civilians and cease military operations.

The State Department considers it a master plan to end the war. It got the Saudis to endorse the idea of a negotiated settlement, then called on the Houthis to stop inflicting suffering — which would indeed be a big step.

But there’s no hint of any penalty if they don’t (maybe put them back on the blacklist?) — and they surely now think they’re closer than ever to winning. After all, Biden won’t return to backing the Saudis.

It’s beyond naive.

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