Is Nashville just the beginning of more violence to come?


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Charlotte, NC — Early Friday morning, we all heard the news of the explosion that rocked downtown Nashville. Initial reports shared that there were only 3 minor injuries, but we later learned that human remains were discovered nearby. It was a sad beginning to a holiday that many Americans needed so desperately after all that we have experienced in 2020.

From the left, they were immediately blaming the action on President Trump, saying that it happened on his watch. Of course, President Trump had no responsibility for what happened in Nashville, but it shows exactly where the left’s mind will go with anything that happens in our country.

Then I came across this article from Yahoo where they have gained access to a government report that warned of violence ahead of the Georgia Senate runoffs. The report was issued on December 22 and warned of a “heightened physical threat environment.”

The report describes the violence as potentially mimicking that of the 2020 riots where Black Lives Matter and Antifa destroyed part of America’s cities. In those instances, we saw the videos of the Molotov cocktails and those who died because of the riots. It was certainly a dark time in America at the hand of Democratic leaders who failed to do their job.

Perhaps now is a great time to remind everyone that these people were protesting to defund the police and arguing for ending police brutality and for equality. We were told we are safer without the police, but since that time, the data tells another story.

We were told that these law enforcement officers are horrible and are resulting in the death of many people around the country. It certainly seems like it when you read headlines like the one below where officers saved countless lives in Nashville.

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‘ACTS OF HEROISM’ These Nashville police officers ran into danger and evacuated residents before an RV explosion downtown, saving lives. “These officers didn’t care about themselves…They cared about the citizens of Nashville.”

Now we must ask, is the violence in Nashville just a part of what’s to come for the US in the next few weeks? Will we continue to see violence in America’s cities as we approach the Georgia runoffs and the push to put Biden in the White House?

I would certainly love to say that I hope not, but I am concerned about what’s to come. I’m concerned about the potential for the left to continue to incite riots in Georgia and other cities across America.

I am concerned about where our country is right now with its hatred of law enforcement officers. Those same officers who placed themselves in harm’s way in Nashville to save people yesterday. They certainly seemed like evil racists and violent killers, didn’t they?

At this point, all we can do is prepare and pray. We must be prepared, paying attention to the things going on around us and the little details, like a simple RV left for a couple of days in a downtown area. We must also be in prayer that God will guide and protect those important to us as we face these next few weeks.

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