Is COVID-19 Anti-Liberal Lockdown Violence Up Next for the U.S.?


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Charlotte, N.C. – Liberal-Democrats here in the United States love to compare themselves and their policies to the E.U. For a generation, progressives here in the states have idolized and mimicked social reform to emulate counties such as France, Germany, and Spain. 

The U.S., like those countries across the pond, is experiencing a “second wave” of the coronavirus. Fresh lockdowns to stem the spread of coronavirus have sparked violent protests in several European countries, fuelled both by ideological fury at new government-imposed restrictions and fears of economic hardship.

Is the U.S. next?

Italy, one of the hardest-hit E.U. countries this spring, has been the scene of violent protests for more than a week. The government brought in new measures, including closing cinemas and theatres and ordering bars and restaurants to shut at 6 pm.

German police unleashed water cannon and pepper spray to scatter thousands of protesters angry about a new legal framework for enforcing coronavirus restrictions passed by parliament on Wednesday. Police detained 190 people, and nine officers were injured.

“We are here and we are loud because we are being robbed of our freedom.”

Citizens in Germany have compared the amendment with the 1933 Enabling Act that paved the way to the Nazi dictatorship, which “enabled” Hitler’s government to issue decrees independently of the Reichstag and the presidency.

Today, the Associated Press President-Elect, Joe Biden, has joined liberal governors across the country, stating that he will use executive orders to restrict Americans’ movements in the battle against COVID-19. This week, states like Michigan and Oregon instituted statewide lockdowns that will close businesses and schools and restrict gatherings and travel over the holiday season.

Despite a rise in infections here in the United States, most Americans have had enough liberal-governor-imposed action that limits their freedom. Like their distant relatives in Europe, many see the Democratic Party’s plan for the people, and without rebellion, millions of lives will be lost. No, not to the virus, but rather, to depression and drug use, starvation, and suicide. 

For over 9-months, millions of Americans have complied, altering their lives, along with their families and neighbors, to comply with COVID-19 measures. With the political tide turning and the theft of the 2020 election, America is right for a rebellion. Blood-stained streets could be coming to a town near you. 

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