Governors and Mayors are criminalizing families and holidays


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Charlotte, NC — Across the country, Governors and Mayors continue to forget priorities in life amid the coronavirus pandemic. Do not get me wrong; I think that anytime we can save a life, that is an important thing. But with the latest rounds of coronavirus restrictions, it’s clear that Democrats have no focus on what really matters.

Take, for example, the latest restrictions in California. Gov. Gavin Newsom issued new restrictions that closed restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and churches. Yes, houses of worship were ordered closed as part of the new restrictive measures.

He even issued new guidance for mandating masks anytime you leave your home. What was not changed was the fact that you can still go to the local strip club. You can still go out and enjoy some worldly pleasure, but do not dare seek to get closer in your relationship to God.

In Philadelphia, the mayor decided that it was best to cancel all events through the end of the year. There’s little room for error in the latest round of coronavirus restrictions. While the mayor restricts his city, he has done little to address the major violence that is taking place around the city. Daniel Horowitz does a great job sharing more about this in a recent article.

In both California and Philadelphia, along with many others, gatherings of more than one household is banned. You cannot leave your home to go have dinner with your parents, children, or anyone else. Other states are expected to announce similar guidelines with the holidays approaching.

In other words, these Democrat governors and mayors have no issue if you leave your home to shoot someone, head down to the strip club, or many other indulgences. However, you are forbidden from attending worship service or a family dinner.

The left has made the move to criminalize church and family gatherings amid the pandemic. Even Joe Biden has gotten into the action, saying that he and his family will require negative COVID testing before attending their holiday meals.

The requirements for attending a family holiday meal in the past were to make sure that you brought your portion of the shared meal. Now, you must first check your state restrictions, obtain your negative COVID test, make sure you wear your mask, and certainly do not sit close to anyone. What’s next, the need for a permit just to see your family?

Our nation is in an absolute state of chaos when we have ideas like this that are considered normal and acceptable. Families should have the ability to see each other at the holidays, without fear of being arrested or fined for simply having a meal to be thankful for another year with one another. I believe the overwhelming majority of families were already planning smaller gatherings, or multiple gatherings, amid the pandemic.

Americans should also be able to freely worship amid the pandemic as well. Many churches have already made modifications to their services, allowing them to worship safely. Now, it’s illegal to do so in many states and cities, which is ridiculous.

Life is something that we are blessed with only once. Aside from the Chinese coronavirus, there are thousands of other things that cause people to die each year. Yet, we do not live our lives in fear of those things.

COVID-19 is here, and we simply cannot ignore that fact. We cannot forget that we only have one chance to experience this thing called life. We have to take advantage of it, make memories of it, even though the pandemic is here.

Life is far too short not to take advantage of the opportunities that God has blessed us with. Americans need to see through the lies and propaganda of the left at what they are doing. Criminalizing holidays and families is not the answer.

Faith Family And Holidays Are Now A Crime

Joe Biden and the mainstream media continue to spread their lies. This time, they share that thousands of Americans will die if Trump does not recognize the Biden transition team. Jared talks about each accusation and how it is nothing short of a lie.  They claim that thousands of Americans will die from the coronavirus.

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