Georgia GOP Rep Trolls Biden and Schumer with ‘Voter Suppression’ Bills Like Delaware and New York


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Atlanta, GA — The Liberty Loft has written extensively about former Vice President Joe Biden and the Democrat’s false narrative regarding the new Georgia election law.

Joe Biden insanely and stupidly called the law ‘Jim Crow,’ when it had absolutely nothing to do with Jim Crow laws. The same sort of laws Democrats previously instituted way back when. What’s more, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) didn’t miss his opportunity to attack the law.

Given the insanity coming from those on the Left side of the aisle, one Georgia State representative Republican decided to put both Biden and Schumer to the test. Wes Cantrell said that he was going to propose two bills in honor of them.

Cantrell said on Facebook that he was proposing “The President Joe Biden Jim Crow on Steroids Voting Act.”

1. Instead of having up to 19 days of early voting in Georgia, we will have ZERO days of early voting JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

2. Instead of having no excuse absentee voting in Georgia, you will have to have the excuse of being sick or disabled to vote absentee JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

3. Instead of having plenty of secure drop boxes in Georgia, there will be no drop boxes JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

4. Instead of being able to get drink/food from a non-poll worker outside of the 150 foot buffer & drink from a poll worker within the barrier in Georgia, it will be illegal to receive anything of value while standing in line to vote JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

5. Instead of being able to vote in relative quiet in Georgia, your name will be announced out loud (and your party affiliation during a primary) so that your vote can be challenged by anyone in the precinct JUST LIKE DELAWARE!

Just because he can, Cantrell congratulated Biden on his earning four Pinocchios from The Washington Post. “Delaware’s voting laws are draconian when compared to Georgia. Until you bring election reform to your home state of Delaware, it’s probably best that you sit this one out. To use your favorite phrase, “C’mon Man!”

Additionally, Cantrell said:

“This act will make Georgia’s voting laws just like New York’s.

Instead of up to 19 days of early voting, we’ll only have 9 days of early voting JUST LIKE NEW YORK!

Instead of no excuse absentee voting, we will now require an excuse for you to vote absentee JUST LIKE NEW YORK!”

Personally, I wish Cantrell would actually introduce these bills, but he admitted he wasn’t planning to but brought it up to raise awareness to find out what the law actually said and how wrong Democrats and their partners in the legacy media were when they reported on it.

Meanwhile, Townhall indicated that despite all this effort on the part of Biden and the Democrats to attack Georgia and paint the law as racist or voter suppression, they’re only able to muster up 36% opposition, if this new poll is accurate. Even with all the liberal media lined up to promote the Democratic narrative, it’s still not working.

Political Polls on Twitter: “Georgia’s new election law:Support 42%Oppose 36%@MorningConsult, 2,200 Adults, 4/2-4 / Twitter”

Georgia’s new election law:Support 42%Oppose 36%@MorningConsult, 2,200 Adults, 4/2-4

Democrats will never admit they were wrong. Since they won’t own up to their mistake, we all should take every available opportunity to expose their lies, omissions, and fabricated garbage they peddle on a daily basis.

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