Florida man who faked being a doctor as teen arrested again 


A Florida man who was caught posing as a doctor as a teen was busted again on charges of fraud and grand theft, police said.

Malachi Love-Robinson, 23, of West Palm Beach, was arrested Thursday for allegedly having his clients at the shipping company where he works send their money to his personal bank account, news station WPTV reported.

Love-Robinson took more than $10,000 that belonged to the company as part of the scheme, police said.

He sent text messages to the company’s owner, insisting that he’s “truly sorry” and doing everything he can “to make it right,” police said.

“I don’t want to go to jail,” Love-Robinson said, according to a police report.

Love-Robinson previously made headlines as “Dr. Love” for illegally operating a fake medical practice, stealing $35,000 from an elderly patient in 2015.

Patients told authorities that he claimed to hold several degrees, including a PhD and an MD. 

He pleaded guilty to charges of fraud, grand theft and practicing medicine without a license in 2016.

Love-Robinson served nearly 21 months in a maximum-security prison near Fort Myers for the crimes.

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