Fear Mongers Still Pushing Lies: Don’t Let Them Succeed


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Washington, DC — If you think that your “freedoms” are being returned, think again.

Of course, if the government can take away your “freedoms” and hand them back at will, then you’re never free. But beyond the philosophical, the reality is the authoritarian rulers are working hard to keep the fear going and their propaganda artists in the corporate media are preparing you for more tyranny.

The fear now is COVID-19 variants, and the so-called Delta variant is the fearmonger’s current weapon to push their fear.

Last week, Joe Biden tweeted a video of Anthony Fauci telling us all to be afraid. Biden’s tweet read: “Here’s the deal: The Delta variant is more contagious, it’s deadlier, and it’s spreading quickly around the world — leaving young, unvaccinated people more vulnerable than ever. Please, get vaccinated if you haven’t already. Let’s head off this strain before it’s too late.”

That came just a few days after World Health Organization (WHO) officials pushed the fear: “This particular delta variant is faster, it is fitter, it will pick off the more vulnerable more efficiently than previous variants, and therefore if there are people left without vaccination, they remain even at further risk.”

Rest assured, these are just lies to make you ready to submit to the return of mask mandates or to push you into submitting to the COVID-19 vaccination experiment. The Atlantic is doing it’s job for the machine telling you that “mask mandates will come and go and come again” as are the corporate media shills, like CNN and MSNBC for the left and Fox News for the “right,” as they clamor for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to give the jabs full approval in order to remove the experimental label. Of course, they hope that has two effects as they want more people to be willing to submit to the shots while removing the experimental label will also make it easier to mandate the shots.

Regarding the Delta variant, Ivor Cummins used the United Kingdom’s own government data to show absolute proof that the variant is no danger at all. With data from when this variant dominated new cases, Cummins said it shows “effectively nothing happened, the real world impact or hospitalizations, and this is clear as day.”

Dr. Mike Yeadon, the former vice president of Pfizer, said there is nothing to fear from any of the so-called variants. The variants are effectively the same virus, no more than .003% difference from the original strain.

For being courageous and speaking out, Yeadon said he’s lost friends and work but the public needs to be warned that the governments around the world have been openly lying to us all along. He said the corrupt scientists and corrupt governments need to be fought and advises people to not put on a mask, do not allow lockdowns again and don’t take the vaccine, but he fears if vaccine passports are implemented it will be too late to turn the tide of tyranny that has overcome the world.

“This idea, for example, that you can be ill even though you have no symptoms and you can be a respiratory virus threat to someone else even though you have no symptoms, that’s also invented in 2020. There’s simply no history of it, and it defies common sense as well,” Yeadon said of one of the lies told over the last year.

Yeadon added: “Most of you would be well advised to stay away from experimental vaccines that unfortunately come with a blood clot risk. Why would you take a risk to your health for something that’s not a threat to you.”

For even more warning against the vaccines, former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Ken Ruttgers has started C19 Vax Reactions allowing people who have had adverse reactions to share their stories as the corporate media ignores them. U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is trying to help spread the word as he held a press conference with Ruttgers.

“The group was started by former Green Bay Packers offensive lineman Ken Ruettgers, who began the group after his wife suffered neurological damage from a COVID-19 injection,” Vaccine Impact reported. “As can be imagined, the local media in Wisconsin ridiculed Senator Johnson and made it into a partisan political issue, completely disregarding the crippling effects of the shots and the lives they destroyed.”

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