‘Falcon and Winter Soldier’ Easter Eggs: 5 Things You May Have Missed in Episode 1


What’s Bucky been up to in the months since Avengers: Endgame? Well, he got a full pardon (yay!) and he has to go around making amends for all the damage he did during his 70-ish years as HYDRA’s primo hypno-assassin. To keep up with his amends, he keeps a to-do list in a notebook. Remember, Bucky’s 106 years old. He’s not going to keep this list in the Notes app.

While almost all of the names don’t have ties to the comics, two stand out. The first is “A. ROSTOV,” most likely Andre Rostov from the comics. Initially known as the Red Barbarian, Rostov was a one-off villain who fought Iron Man in 1963’s Tales of Suspense #42. He reappeared in a 2011 Captain America storyline where he was the warden at a gulag where one Bucky Barnes was serving time. As for making amends, the Winter Soldier made amends in his own way by assassinating Rostov in 2012’s Winter Soldier #5. Since Rostov’s name isn’t crossed out, it’s possible we could see the Red Barbarian on this show. But also he’s an incredibly minor character, so it’s probably just a wink to the comics.

The other big name is, of course, “H. ZEMO”—a.k.a. Helmut Zemo, the mastermind played by Daniel Bruhl in Captain America: Civil War and on this very show. Why Helmut Zemo is on this list is a mystery. If this list is Bucky righting all the wrongs he committed as the Winter Soldier, then he has nothing to atone for with Zemo. The two didn’t cross paths until Captain America: Civil War, and then it was Zemo manipulating Bucky. If anyone needs to be making amends here, it’s Zemo!

There are two possibilities. One: Maybe Bucky’s list is both a list of amends and a list for revenge, because he definitely should get some revenge on Zemo. Of course, those are two very different lists, Buck. And two: It’s possible it’s not Helmut Zemo on the list, but one of Zemo’s relatives. Trust me, Helmut has no shortage of relatives with H names.

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