DJ LeMahieu takes first step out of stunning Yankees slump


BALTIMORE — The Yankees’ offensive woes have gotten so deep they’re even impacting DJ LeMahieu, who has seemed slump-proof at times since joining the team.

LeMahieu has gone the other way less frequently this season than in his first two years with the Yankees. Boone pointed to pitch selection as a potential reason.

“He’s been a little less selective on some things,” Boone said of LeMahieu. “He’s swinging at things that are inclined to get you to put the ball on the ground on the pull side.”

But LeMahieu, in 2-for-20 skid, had two hits, including a double, Tuesday, as did Gleyber Torres, who was in a 6-for-33 slump with no extra-base hits heading into the game.

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