Bye bye, bedhead! This two-sided pillowcase for wet hair is on sale now


Choosing the right type of pillowcase to sleep on is important because, depending on the material, it can benefit (or harm) our skin or hair. If you prefer washing your hair at night and often find yourself going to bed while your strands are still wet, you’ll definitely want to upgrade your pillowcase to the DryZzz.

DryZzz pillowcases are designed specifically for wet hair. One side is made from absorbent microfiber, and the other is made from 100% cotton. The microfiber side has a waterproof liner to prevent your actual pillow from getting wet. The soft microfiber will absorb moisture from sweat (hello, night sweats), drool, wet or conditioned hair, and more. Plus, it helps prevent mildew or mold from forming while you sleep. It will feel like you’re sleeping on a cozy towel! If you don’t have wet hair or just want to sleep on the 100% cotton side, flip the pillow over.

The DryZzz has earned an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon. One pleased customer says, “I love this pillowcase! I go to sleep with my hair wet every night. Since using this pillowcase, my hair is dry or almost dry when I wake up. I swear, it even looks better.”

The pillowcase comes pre-shrunk in a standard size so it can fit most pillows. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning, too. Keep one for yourself and give the other to your partner so you both wake up with less bedhead. 

Take advantage of this sale today and get the two-pack of DryZzz: Two-Sided Pillowcase for Wet Hair for $25.49 (Reg. $43) with code VDAY2021. While you’re at it, why not swap in a new pillow, too? You can use the coupon code sitewide!

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