Biden Waiving Sanctions on Russian Company Raises Questions About Colonial Pipeline Hack


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Charlotte, NC — On Tuesday, President Joe Biden waived sanctions on a Russian company and CEO that are overseeing the construction of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Germany. The news was a direct contrast to previous statements by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who had previously said that the US was committed to blocking the completion of the pipeline. Now, the pipeline will proceed with little to stand in its way.

The mainstream media has already taken the standpoint that the Biden decision was a tough one because Biden cannot jeopardize his relationship with Germany amid his tough talk on Russia. Axios reported that Biden’s rhetoric faced a tough test and proves that Biden will have a challenge attempting to balance his “tough talk.” But what seems more interesting here is not the tough talk, but how quickly the decision was made related to an event here at home.

Just over a week ago, Russian hackers attacked the US Colonial pipeline that supplies the majority of the fuel across the deep south and east coast. The hackers, known as DarkSide, demanded a ransom to return the software to the company for operation. The organization attempted to function without the software but struggled. Eventually, the company paid a $5 million ransom to release the software and get back to normal operations.

When asked if the federal government helped Colonial in the ransom negotiations, President Joe Biden refused to answer. Press secretary Jen Psaki said that it is not the practice of the federal government to pay a ransom, but the government did not pay the ransom. The question was if the government helped Colonial in the negotiation.

Now, we sit in a situation where the federal government caves on a key Russian interest just days after the pipeline in the US was released back to operations. So far, the US government has denied any knowledge of ties to the hacker group and the Russian government. Of course, that would not be the first time that anyone involved with the Biden’s lied about involvement and relationships. So perhaps this is another Biden family deal where Hunter can make millions, or it could be the Russian government was involved and demanded approval from our federal government to restore services in the US.

It certainly looks suspicious due to the close relationship that the Biden family has had with backroom deals in the area and how close it happened to the Colonial shutdown. It also seems ironic given the statements by the hacker group soon after they received the ransom. They quickly shut down operations, claiming that their servers were seized and bank accounts drained. Yet, no government agencies claimed responsibility for bringing justice to the group. Don’t you think if the group was caught by law enforcement someone would take credit?

Instead, their website was shut down, and apparently, all records of their existence disappeared. That seems more like a government operation than a casual hacker group that was looking to make $5 million. Perhaps Russia just played hard ball with the Biden regime and won more than we realized.

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