Biden Promises Victory; Trump War


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Charlotte, N.C. – Joe Biden is but six electoral votes away from securing the presidency. However, in 2020 fashion, this year’s presidential election is not without controversy. From coast to coast, Charlotte to Phoenix, Lansing to Atlanta, Joe Biden, and the liberals are hedging their bets on mail-in ballots, while President Trump is promising to expose the flagrant and intentional Democratic deception to steal this election and our democratic republic.

With the states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania remaining, President Trump and the Republicans believe that they still have a shot in securing the 270 electoral votes needed for victory. For over 3 1/2 years, Trump and the GOP have caught an uphill battle against the onslaught of attacks by today’s liberal-Democrats.

The last polls before Tuesday’s election illustrated a massive victory for Joe Biden. But like in 2016, the pollsters and pundits were wrong. Now, Donald Trump, while challenging, does have a path to victory through the states of either Arizona or Nevada. Although The Grand Canyon State was called early Tuesday’s night by Fox News and other outlets, Donald Trump and Republicans believe the remaining 600,000 uncounted votes are enough to push Trump to victory and another four years as president.

Even before the election, there was a lot of speculation on mail-in ballots’ impact on the 2020 presidential race. From the start of the Democratic push, coupled with COVID-19 fears, Republicans identified the ease of fraud in the mass issuing of mail-in ballots. And now, talk has moved to action; America now has to deal with Democratic deception fruits.

Shades of 2000, instead this time, it isn’t hanging chads that are to blame; it will be the claims of outright false, incorrect, and illegal voting by Democratic voters in an attempt to steal the United States presidency. Of course, liberal politicians, pundits, and pandering newscasters across the country are screaming that zero indications of fraud occurred. However, the American people, particularly conservatives, understand the methods and motives of Joe Biden and the liberal-agenda pushed by Pelosi and others behind-the-scenes.

Since April, led by Democratic V.P. candidate Kamala Harris, liberals have used the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to use a national emergency to slide in sleazy election methods that are prime for corruption. Sending ballots to mailboxes in Democratic strongholds with our voter requests is intentional and emphatically aimed at doubling the chances for a Joe Biden victory.

Now I know many Democrats across America are claiming a Biden victory and that Trump and the Republicans should gracious bow-out and move aside to make room for the senior jerk from Scranton. However, Biden has never gone up against a fighter like Donald Trump. Our nation’s 45th and the current president is a closer – from board rooms to our nation’s borders, Trump has fought to protect every American and their freedom, even if they cannot understand just what Democrats want to take from them.

While it will take some time for errors to be found, the country is most assuredly to see numerous instances of fraud in the state of Nevada, an electorate that Donald Trump has fought hard for and desperately needs to win reelection.

In September, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit from President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign challenging Nevada’s new vote-by-mail law, saying the campaign failed to show how the law could harm it. Can you believe that? “No harm?” U.S. Judge James C. Mahan didn’t think that sending mass ballots to every mailbox could lead to fraudulent votes. If you need supporting information on the type of judge Mahan is, look no further than who appointed him; former President George W. Bush, who appointed Justice Roberts to the Supreme Court, and publicly illustrated his disdain for Donald Trump.

Ballots have been found in dumpsters, and USPS service sorting facilities have left ballots lying around. Yet, Judge Mahan and liberal-Democrats and their patrons do not see any issues relying on an archaic postal service and voting method as a means for fraudulent activity.

Many states like North Carolina and possibly Pennsylvania and others will not have a vote certification for weeks, perhaps longer. And while Joe Biden would like to box-step his way into the Oval Office, Donald Trump and Republicans will not have any of it. If the Democrats want a war, they have one. Led by our current commander-in-chief, conservatives will come together, stand shoulder to shoulder, and defend the liberty and integrity of our nation’s election system and against the Democratic desperate attempts to deprive our nation’s citizens, their right to a fair election.

Biden drew the battle lines, but Trump will win the war.

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