Actress ‘Learning’ To Have Conversations With One-Year-Old About Racism: ‘It Starts With Her Dolls’  


“Pretty Little Liars” actress Shay Mitchell says she’s “learning” how to talk to her one-year-old daughter about racism, starting with her child’s toys.

Mitchell, who recently gave birth to a little girl named Atlas Noa Babel, told Women’s Health magazine that she and her partner Matte Babel are already focusing on talking racism with their toddler.

Reflecting on anti-Asian racism in the wake of the China-originated COVID-19 pandemic, Mitchell told the magazine: “Matte is half white—his dad is from Trinidad. And Atlas is a mix of all of us. But she’s very fair-skinned and has light eyes and hair, so she doesn’t look like either of us,” she said. “We’re learning how to have those appropriate conversations. It starts with her dolls, with the toys she plays with, and the books we read to her, that have all different colors and ethnicities.”

Michell, who is half-white and half-Filipino, said her parents and herself have personally experienced racism.

“It’s something my mom has dealt with her whole life,” she said. “When she and my dad were dating in the 1980s in Toronto, their relationship was looked down upon. On the bus with my dad, she would get the worst looks. They would tell me about going into a restaurant and people not serving them.”

“I also saw it in real life,” the actress continued. “My mom would get derogatory remarks like, ‘Are you the cleaning lady? Are you the nanny?’ And she was like, ‘No, but what is your issue if I was?’”

“In school I was bullied—I’d get questions like, ‘Are you going to go clean the bathrooms?'” Mitchell revealed.

Liberals have increasingly pushed conversations of race upon children — even babies as young as three months old.

As noted by The Daily Wire in March, Arizona’s Department of Education is reportedly offering an “equity” toolkit to help you tamp down your child’s racism:

Journalist Christopher F. Rufo exposed the ideological “equity” toolkit within the department’s diversity program that claims babies can develop signs of racism at just three months old and should be talked to about race even before they can talk.

“Silence about race reinforces racism by letting children draw their own conclusions based on what they see,” the program states, outlining a graphic titled, “They’re not too young to talk about race!”

The Daily Wire’s Chrissy Clark reported:

The graphic shows the linear aging of a child and details how parents should talk about race and racism at each stage of their childhood. Parents are told to talk to their three-month-olds about racism because “babies look more at faces that match the race of their caregivers.” 

At the age of two, the graphic claims that children use race “to reason about people’s behaviors” and, by 30 months, they allegedly use race to choose their friends. By ages four and five, children allegedly become racially prejudiced. 

According to the graphic, by the time children reach kindergarten they can become full-blown racists. Kindergarteners allegedly “show many of the same racial attitudes that adults in our culture hold — they have already learned to associate some groups with higher status than others.” Parents are encouraged to have conversations with kindergarteners to discuss how interracial friendships can improve their racial attitudes. 

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